Assisted living communities offer the perfect balance of expert activities of daily living (ADL) support, comfortable living, delicious meals, socialization, and entertainment. Although the assisted living experience has changed and improved in recent years, misconceptions about what it means to move to a senior care community remain widespread.

Here are five common misconceptions about senior care that modern residential assisted living communities like New Hope Senior Living are committed to tackling.

1. Senior living communities are cold, clinical, and lack privacy.

Senior care and assisted living have undergone significant changes in recent years and offer a much more home like feel than many assume. Many living options are available for seniors with differing needs and preferences. For example, a senior resident might live alongside other seniors in an upscale assisted living apartment or a residential home like New Hope. Many modern-day residential senior living homes are designed to feel and function like private homes, housing a small number of residents, each with a private bedroom and suite. New Hope features 13 ADA-compliant bedrooms with private suites, a shared living room, an open dining area, a library, and a laundry room. With a stunning deck overlooking green surroundings, beautiful modern wood flooring, rustic furniture, a selection of bright house plants, and warm lighting, we’ve left no stone unturned in crafting a genuinely welcoming traditional-meets-modern home inviting to all our residents.

2. Loss of independence and individuality is inevitable in assisted living.

The myth that moving to assisted living means giving up your independence is one of the most prevalent misconceptions that still exists. In 2023, this couldn’t be further from the truth. Many seniors find that moving to an assisted living community brings them even more independence than before. Senior living homes like New Hope allow residents to customize their private spaces by bringing treasured artworks, photographs, and even pieces of furniture from their own homes. Seniors can enjoy lifestyle choices that suit them, too. Menus can be tailored to satisfy personal tastes and dietary requirements, and residents can access various activities and on-site events. For example, activities hosted at New Hope include pie bake-offs and book clubs to yoga and pet therapy. And if residents wish to go on a trip with friends or family outside the community, we’ll take care of everything while they’re away! 

3. You must be unwell to move to a senior living community.

Many understandably confuse assisted living with nursing homes and assume that anyone who moves to senior living requires medical support. Assisted living is designed to house seniors who do not have medical conditions requiring complex care but who need some help with daily living activities. Many seniors in assisted living can enjoy a much richer and more active lifestyle than they could in their homes. Here at New Hope Senior Living, residents enjoy exploring our 18-acres of beautiful private land on state-of-the-art golf carts, engaging in various hobbies, hosting visitors, dining off-site, and taking trips with friends and family caregivers as they please.

4. Life in assisted living will be lonely and boring.

Living in a senior community is as far from lonely and boring as possible! The truth is that many seniors are introduced to an excellent new circle of friends through their community and can enjoy a varied lifestyle packed with activities each day. At New Hope Senior Living, we pride ourselves on being a nurturing community where friends become family. The small size of our home allows for a much more personal experience, where each resident can genuinely get to know caregivers and fellow residents. With plenty of relaxed indoor and outdoor social spaces, plus a range of events and activities to get involved in, residents have daily opportunities to connect with others and enjoy new experiences. 

5. Assisted living is the most expensive living option for retirees.

While assisted living might initially seem costly, it can be more affordable than aging in place. In a senior living community, fees are often all-inclusive, covering everything from ADL support, food, and activities to utilities, cable, and internet connection. For seniors with reduced mobility, the cost of adapting the home and hiring professionals to meet their needs as well as maintain their home can also be huge. For example, they may need to install ramps, construct an accessible bathroom, and hire additional help. In a senior living community, residents can access expertly adapted facilities as standard. At New Hope, our fees include chef-prepared farm-to-table meals, 24/7 caregiver support, housekeeping, laundry, and access to all our activities. Our home is fully adapted for residents with reduced mobility, featuring wheelchair-accessible facilities, zero transition flooring, ADA-compliant roll-under sinks, and an elevator. 

If you’d like to learn more about New Hope Senior Living’s commitment to providing a premium retirement experience in a residential assisted living home, get in touch and arrange a tour today.


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