Recent research found that a greater sense of belonging was associated with reduced depression and loneliness among assisted living residents (Park et al., 2020).

Despite little empirical research into the area until recently, assisted living communities like New Hope Senior Living have long understood the importance of making residents feel they belong.

The Importance of Community in Residential Senior Care

Cultivating a strong community can be the first and most significant step in helping residents feel a sense of belonging in senior living. A recent review of studies across multiple countries found that disconnection from previous social groups like friends and family, ‘institutional’ policies and procedures (e.g., strict visiting policies), and poor integration with their new wider community may all contribute to social isolation among seniors in long term care (Boamah et al., 2021).

These findings highlight the importance of both individual and system factors in combatting social isolation. A sense of community and social cohesion does not naturally develop in residential senior care; it takes conscious effort and commitment from care providers. Senior care should allow residents to feel independent and empowered in forming new social connections and staying connected with lifelong friends and family members.

How Assisted Living Moves From ‘Facility’ to ‘Community’

As a senior living setting offering non advanced care, assisted living naturally allows residents to enjoy more freedom and independence. However, more is needed to create a community.

When touring assisted living, seniors and family caregivers should keep an eye out for the following telltale signs of a strong community:

    • Encouraging socialization by offering organized group activities to suit a variety of interests.
    • Thoughtful interior design that feels like home (e.g., aesthetic decor, beautiful artwork displays, keeping the layout of a residential home).
    • Maintaining a high level of cleanliness allows residents to feel great pride in their environment.
    • Residents choose to spend free time socializing in communal areas.
    • The high staff-to-resident ratio allows seniors to get the individualized care they deserve while forming genuine friendships with caregivers.
    • Hosting events open to family caregivers or friends outside the residential senior care community.
    • Rooms and spaces that subtly encourage organic social interaction (e.g., beauty salon, movie/game room, library, spa, area to worship, green space, inviting general living areas and dining rooms).
    • Flexible visitation hours allow residents and family caregivers to work according to their schedules rather than being bound by strict rules.
    • Natural, positive interactions between staff members, professional caregivers, family caregivers, and residents.
    • Strong links to the broader local community (e.g., local businesses, churches, and organizations).

How New Hope Senior Living Builds an Enriching Community

New Hope Senior Living nurtures a strong feeling of togetherness and community among residents, family caregivers, and staff members. However, do not just take our word for it. Testimonials from families who have toured compliment us on being a genuine ‘home’ rather than an extensive ‘facility’ and say we treat residents like family. Read our reviews to discover more of what residents, family caregivers, and visitors have to say about us.

How We Achieve This:

We Are a Home, Not A Facility.

By serving a maximum of 13 residents, our family-owned and operated, ADA-compliant community is designed to feel like a private home. With an excellent staff-to-resident ratio, residents and caregivers get to know one another on a personal level.

We do not believe seniors should feel free from strict rules, so we allow flexible visitation and often host special events for residents to enjoy with loved ones. Moreover, with dedicated housekeeping and laundry staff maintaining an exceptionally high standard of cleanliness, residents have a home they can be proud to host in.

Encouraging Engagement by Design

Cozy living spaces gently encourage social interaction, whether gathering to watch a film, the latest sports, or discussing a good book in our exquisite cherry wood library. Our on-site salon service allows residents to indulge in self-care while socializing with friends and stylists.

New Hope’s impressive 18 acres of land is a versatile space where residents can socialize, relax, and enjoy outdoor hobbies like walking and gardening. Our decked areas and beautifully kept gardens full of peaceful nooks and sunny spots encourage residents to sit and socialize over morning coffee, stroll with friends, or even explore the grounds on a state-of-the-art golf cart.

Daily Experiences Made Special

Mealtimes are an authentic community experience at New Hope, with residents enjoying fresh, seasonal farm-to-table meals together each day. Discovering mutual interests is a great way for seniors to find ‘their people’ and feel a sense of belonging. That’s why we strive to host various daily activities, from book clubs and board games to pet therapy and pie bake-offs.

See our Community for Yourself with a Guided Tour

Offering a close-knit community sprinkled with warm southern charm, we consider every resident like family. To join in our activities, meet our dedicated team, and get an authentic feel for life in the Hendersonville countryside, give us a call or fill out our contact form to arrange a personalized tour.

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