Take a moment to envision what your dream lifestyle in retirement would look like during the glorious summer months in Tennessee.

Would you like to embrace your newfound freedom and live with spontaneity, independence, and openness to new experiences daily

Maybe you imagine a lifestyle in which basic nuisances like home maintenance and cooking are managed for you, giving you more time to enjoy hobbies and socialize in the sunshine with friends and family.

Or you may yearn to live somewhere with a great sense of peacefulness that allows you to connect with the natural world.

The right residential assisted living community can help you or your senior loved one achieve the ultimate retirement lifestyle.

What Is Assisted Living?

Assisted living is a type of residential care in which seniors can access professional support with activities of daily living (ADLs). Common ADLs residents receive support with include getting dressed, using the bathroom, showering, getting in and out of bed, and eating. Care plans can be tailored to a senior’s needs, allowing them to continue feeling confident, independent, and empowered to live life how they want. Residential assisted living communities also typically offer various engaging recreational activities to help residents stay physically, socially, and emotionally healthy.

What Does a Day at New Hope Senior Living Look Like During Summer?

Wake up and get ready for the day.

Arise from your slumber as and when you please (because alarm clocks should never be a requirement in retirement!) Our wonderful caregivers will be on hand to assist with your morning routine as and when you need it. They can help you get out of bed, move confidently to the bathroom or dining room, or assist with any personal care tasks. For example, you might wish to brush your teeth and shower to freshen up before breakfast, get dressed, style your hair, or apply SPF ahead of a day in the sunshine.

Enjoy a refreshing breakfast.

Whether you love a hearty, savory breakfast to set you up for the day or prefer something light like yogurt and a pastry, every breakfast at New Hope Senior Living is chef-prepared with love. Breakfast choices include eggs cooked how you like them, and juicy fruit salad harvested from our orchard. Breakfast is enjoyed in our beautifully appointed communal dining area, allowing you to catch up with friends over freshly brewed coffee.

Take a relaxed morning stroll.

Mornings are ideal for walking during the hot Hendersonville summer. Luckily, New Hope Senior Living has 18 sprawling acres of private land for residents to enjoy leisurely. Our grounds are the perfect place to reconnect with nature in the summer sun, featuring plenty of cool, shaded spots and a bountiful orchard ideal for fruit picking. We also have a range of state-of-the-art golf carts available; we want every resident to be able to access our beautiful grounds, regardless of their level of mobility.

Re-energize with morning coffee.

After your walk or golf cart trip around the grounds, settle down for a freshly ground cup of morning coffee, and perhaps a sweet treat, with friends. You can enjoy this in one of our bright and airy, sun-drenched living spaces or outside on the shaded outdoor deck shrouded by greenery.

Take part in your favorite activity.

Enjoying hobbies is vital for well-being in retirement. A 20231 study found that having a hobby was associated with less depression, higher self-reported health, and increased happiness and life satisfaction in seniors aged 65+. New Hope Senior Living is committed to offering various activities to suit all personalities and interests. For example, our most popular activities include book clubs, yoga, pet therapy, board games, and pie bake-offs.

Enjoy a healthy lunch.

They say breakfast is the most important meal of the day, but every meal at New Hope Senior Living is a real treat. Many of our residents enjoy a light and healthy, freshly prepared lunch. During the summer, menu options might include fresh salads and sandwiches packed with flavor and crunchy seasonal vegetables. And with no cooking or dishes, you can get straight back into the Tennessee sunshine!

Join an outing.

Outings are a regular occurrence at New Hope Senior Living! Residents should be able to get out into the community, make memories, and enjoy brand-new experiences both onsite and away from home. For example, our residents often enjoy cultural outings and exploring the best local Hendersonville eateries.

Sit down for a delicious farm-to-table dinner.

Dinner is always a relaxed, social occasion at New Hope Senior Living. Begin winding down for the evening by enjoying conversation and hearty farm-to-table food around the dinner table with 12 of your closest friends. The average assisted living community in the USA has 39 beds2, making our 13-bed community much smaller and closer-knit than many. This means mealtimes feel much more like enjoying food with close friends or family rather than being in a ‘facility.’ Moreover, because we’re a small residential assisted living community with dedicated chefs, meals can be easily tailored to suit individual likes, dislikes, and dietary requirements.

Relax and unwind.

Settle down in our cozy living room or retreat to your sumptuous private ensuite bedroom to enjoy quiet before bed. Many of our residents like to read, socialize with friends, or play board games in the evenings – but your time is your own!

Retreat to bed.

As a small residential assisted living community, our caregivers and residents get to know each other well. This means each resident enjoys support that helps them live in a way that suits them. Caregivers will be on hand to help with your nightly routine as needed, whether assisting with bathing and getting changed or helping with getting into bed.

To learn more about what life is like at New Hope Senior Living, contact us today and organize a visit during the late spring and summer months.



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