In between good food, gifts and endless excitement, the holiday season presents an opportunity to sit back and reflect on the things that mean the most to us. As a residential assisted living facility in Hendersonville, our minds turn to professional and family caregivers, as well as our beloved senior friends and family members.

Throughout their lifetime, seniors dedicate themselves to their children, grandchildren and extended family, offering loving care, words of wisdom and constant encouragement. Senior relatives are often our biggest cheerleaders, and treasured foundations of a family unit.

As our loved ones grow older and need assistance themselves, they deserve to be given the same care and affection that they always gave to everyone else. Ensuring senior loved ones feel included during the holidays is the perfect way to show gratitude for their constant love and dedication over the years.

Seniors and the Holidays

In light of ever-changing COVID-19 rules and restrictions, many families are concerned about whether they will get to see their senior relatives over the holidays. In 2020, millions of us faced Christmas apart from loved ones, which only highlighted the sacredness of time spent together during the holidays.

Even before the pandemic, increased feelings of isolation and loneliness over the holidays were common in seniors. At a time when there can be immense pressure to constantly socialize and be ‘merry’, seniors who are separated from family members often struggle.

Seniors with close-knit families aren’t immune from the effects of isolation, either; issues like immobility, reduced independence and the loss of friends, a spouse or close family members can leave them feeling disconnected and lonely.

Thankfully, there are things we can do to help seniors who face loneliness during the festive season. If you have a senior friend or loved one who struggles during the holidays, here are just a few things you can do to help them feel included and find joy in the festivities.

  • Utilize technology. If you live a long way from your senior loved one, technology can be a wonderful tool to help them feel closer to the family. Sit down on Christmas Day for a group video call, or send them a recorded message to show them you care. Many seniors love to reminisce over treasured family memories, so why not look through old photo albums or home movies together?
  • Help them decorate their home. If you live near enough to visit, offer to help them decorate their home with festive lights, tinsel or a small Christmas tree. Not only can hanging decorations help seniors get into the festive spirit, but it’s also an excellent way to spend quality time together during the holidays.
  • Offer emotional support. No matter what you do to help, the holidays can still be a tough time for some seniors, particularly those who have recently dealt with the loss of a spouse or close friends. If you notice your loved one is struggling, sit down together and let them open up – sometimes a listening ear goes a long way.

Isolation in Seniors: How can Residential Assisted Living Help?

If isolation is becoming a year-round issue for your loved one, you may wish to consider looking into residential assisted living communities in Hendersonville. Seniors in residential assisted living benefit from round-the-clock, attentive care from professional caregivers and a thriving social life with on-site activities and events to enjoy.

During the holidays, most residential assisted living facilities also host a range of festive-themed activities and social events for seniors and their family members. With your loved one in residential assisted living, you can grant yourself the peace of mind that no matter what, they will be surrounded by friends and joy at this time of year.

Considering Caregivers

It’s easy to take the work of professional and family caregivers for granted, but the daily dedication of these exceptional, endlessly compassionate individuals should never be overlooked. The spirit of the holiday season is all about giving, gratitude and reflection, making it the perfect time to show appreciation for the caregivers in our lives.

During the holiday period, take some time out to thank a caregiver, whether they’re a professional caregiver in residential assisted living, home health or nursing care, or a dedicated family caregiver sacrificing their commitments, career or social life to care for an aging loved one.

With their humble attitude and genuine kindness, the work of caregivers often goes unnoticed. Show your support and gratitude by taking them out for a festive hot chocolate or coffee, writing them a thank you card or offering practical support to help out during this busy time of year.

Moving Forward into the New Year

As we head into the New Year, think about how you can best serve the seniors in your life and reduce loneliness all year round. Perhaps your loved one would benefit from more regular visits, or video calls from family members each week to keep them well-connected to the wider family?

If your loved one is having a hard time living independently in their own home, or has a vastly diminished social life due to reduced mobility or loss of close friends, it might be time to consider residential assisted living in 2022. Get in touch with us today to find out more, ask any questions or arrange a tour of our vibrant community.

Happy Holidays, from our family to yours.

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