As a family caregiver, it’s not uncommon to deal with feelings of guilt and worry when it comes to your parent or loved one’s care. Perhaps you feel torn between giving them the round-the-clock care they deserve and keeping on track with other commitments like your children, career, friendships, relationships or social life.

Oftentimes, these feelings can lead to further struggles for family caregivers and seniors alike. For example, you might find yourself getting easily upset with your aging loved one or other family members as a result of building stress. If you’ve recently felt that things are getting too much to cope with, it might be the perfect time to start looking into residential assisted living facilities for the health and happiness of your aging relative, your family and yourself.

Let’s look at just five of the many ways residential assisted living could give you the peace of mind you need.

1. Daily Round-the-Clock Care

A key concern for family caregivers is their inability to be by their loved one’s side 24/7, particularly if they know their relative would benefit from round-the-clock care. Many residential assisted living facilities offer this type of care, with medically trained staff on-site at all times to handle emergencies. Most assisted living facilities in Hendersonville also have a network of emergency call buttons and alarms in place, allowing caregivers to be alerted to issues as soon as they arise, even during the night. This 24/7 approach to care reduces the risk posed by falls and accidents, so you can sleep easy knowing your loved one is safe. And with personal care available throughout the night in most assisted living facilities, you will know they’re as comfortable as possible at all hours.

2. Security and Safety That Facilitates Independence

Assisted living facilities in TN are built with the diverse mobility needs of seniors in mind. If your loved one has been living in their own home for many years, it may no longer be easy for them to move around their non-adapted space. As a result, moving to residential assisted living could result in increased feelings of independence and autonomy for your loved one. For example, a senior who struggled to bathe or use the restroom independently in their own home may feel more confident in the accessibly designed facilities that residential assisted living can provide. Most facilities also have secured entrances and surveillance technology to guarantee resident safety.

3. Enhanced Quality of Life for Your Loved one

Most residential assisted living facilities offer housekeeping and laundry services, alongside a dedicated Chef who provides three nutritious meals and snacks daily. As a result, your loved one will have all the time they need to do the things they love – free from worrying about daily chores that inevitably become more difficult as we age. Residential assisted living communities usually host an array of groups for social, recreational, spiritual and physical pursuits that residents can get involved in, too. Making hobbies accessible on-site allows seniors to forge strong new friendships while enjoying the things they’ve always loved (or exploring brand new interests) – all in a safe and secure environment!

4. Expert Care from a Team of Professionals

Residential assisted living facilities like New Hope Senior Living also feature high staff to resident ratios, with teams of professionals like registered nurses and rehabilitation experts on hand to provide your loved one with the best care possible. Additionally, assisted living communities often have connections with local medical centers and rehabilitation facilities to ensure seniors receive the highly personalized, targeted care they deserve. Your loved one will have a unique, detailed care plan formulated to maximize both their mental, emotional and physical health. As a family caregiver, you will likely be invited to participate in this process, offering the valuable insights that only those closest to them can know. This seamless combination of high staff to resident ratios, individualized care plans and medical professionals at close hand can provide you with the reassurance you need. Rest easy knowing that your loved one is receiving the highest possible level of care – one that can be difficult to deliver as a sole family caregiver.

5. Freedom to Live Your own Life

There’s no shame in wanting to prioritize other important aspects of your life that you might have found yourself neglecting in favor of your parent or loved one’s care. Perhaps you’d like the freedom to spend more time with your partner, children, or close friends, or restart a hobby you set aside to give yourself more time for caregiving duties. Making the initial decision to move your loved one into residential assisted living for the first time can be difficult, and many family caregivers struggle with this. Fortunately, the results of taking the leap can be life-changing for both yourself and your loved one. In fact, without the added pressure of being solely responsible for their care, you will be free to enjoy more quality time with them, potentially improving a relationship that has been burdened by stress and anxiety.

There’s no shame in admitting that your loved one needs care beyond what you can provide as a family caregiver. Requiring additional, professional care is a natural part of the aging process, and you deserve the time and freedom to live your own life, keeping up with other responsibilities and maintaining personal relationships important to you which bring you joy.

Choosing residential assisted living strikes a perfect balance, allowing you to remain involved in your loved one’s care, while also granting you the peace of mind that they are always in capable and professional hands.

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