The effects of the pandemic have undoubtedly touched us all on a personal level. Even before considering individual experiences, daily talk of infection, injection and isolation has thrust public health into the limelight like never before.

And with an abundance of information available at the click of a button, seniors and their families are well researched, knowing exactly what to look for in an assisted living facility in TN. With their health and happiness or that of a treasured loved one at stake, it’s understandable why families research the best assisted living care available.

Senior living must be prepared to adapt and evolve to protect both the seniors of today, and those of tomorrow. But of course, residential assisted living isn’t just about infection control and cold, sterilized procedures. An assisted living community is, above all else, a home – somewhere seniors should feel comfortable, fulfilled, happy and truly at ease. In fact, for many years, hospitality was the ‘face’ of senior living. The challenge now is for assisted living communities to strike the perfect balance between homely hospitality and high-quality healthcare.

Ultimately, the best residential assisted living facilities in Hendersonville will provide a social and happy home, without sacrificing stringent health and safety provisions in the process. Let’s look at six of the most important features seniors and their families are seeking in a modern residential assisted living community.

Access to Professional Medical Care

Throughout the course of the pandemic, senior care and residential assisted living began to shift toward a more medically focused model. The seniors and family caregivers of today value assisted living facilities with a strong focus on medical excellence. Senior living communities with on-site registered nurses and staff trained in medication management are highly sought after, as are those who prioritize effective partnerships with local medical practices and hospitals.

Safe and Secure Surroundings

Health and safety come hand in hand, particularly for seniors. An emphasis on building safety-focused infrastructure and constantly improving spaces for the comfort and wellbeing of senior residents is vital for any residential assisted living community. Families are looking for assisted living facilities boasting 24/7 on-site staff equipped to handle emergencies and offer personal care at all hours.

Procedures for Infection Control

While general health and safety have always been key concerns for families, the importance of adequate infection control has certainly been highlighted by the pandemic. Whether it’s COVID-19, seasonal flu or otherwise, seniors are often the most at-risk demographic when it comes to infection. And with the current pandemic far from over, families need the peace of mind that their loved one is protected by solid infection control procedures to prevent outbreaks within their assisted living community.

Compassionate Personal Care

Losing the ability to carry out everyday tasks like bathing, dressing, or getting in and out of bed without assistance can be upsetting for seniors. Patient, compassionate and competent personal care is of utmost importance, and can contribute to a high quality of life, enhancing a senior’s experience in residential assisted living. Assisted living facilities with highly trained and experienced staff who possess a genuine love and care for residents are – and always have been – valued by families.

Great On-Site Facilities for Independent Living

Particularly for seniors who are moving out of their own home for the first time, independence is likely to be of great importance. Many seniors worry about losing their autonomy in the move to residential assisted living. Facilities with a range of easily accessible amenities on-site and a rich calendar of social, recreational, and physical activities to choose from are often favored. For many seniors, residential assisted living means enjoying a life as free and independent as possible, with just that little bit of extra assistance when needed. Ultimately, residential assisted living should add opportunities and freedom to residents’ lives, not take it away.

Family-Focused Care

With many seniors experiencing separation from the ones they love the most in 2020 and 2021, the pandemic served as a stark reminder of the importance of family. The best residential assisted living facilities recognize that families know their loved one better than anyone else, and in turn actively seek their input and ideas when devising personalized care plans. What’s more, assisted living communities should strive to encourage family visits, perhaps even hosting family-centered events within their social calendar.

Although some priorities have shifted as a result of the events of the past few years, much of what families look for in a residential assisted living community remains steadfast. Attentive caregivers, excellent safety provisions, independent living and family-focused care are still valued immensely. To learn more about New Hope Assisted Living and the ideal balance between healthcare and hospitality we offer, contact us today.


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