Moving to an assisted living facility in Hendersonville can be a tough decision for both seniors and their closest family members. For many, it can feel like a step into the unknown, and perhaps one they never envisioned having to take. But starting a new chapter of retirement in a residential assisted living community can be overwhelmingly positive, allowing your loved one to live in the comfort and safety they deserve, surrounded by enriching activities and great company.

If your parent or loved one is considering residential assisted living in TN, how do you know if it’s the right choice for them? With a range of other retirement options available like home health, assisted living and skilled nursing facilities, it can be difficult to decide on the right path. Here are seven reasons why residential assisted living could be the best option for you or your loved one.

Assistance with personal care and other activities of daily living.

As we age, it’s natural for everyday tasks to become a little harder. Most residential assisted living communities offer dignified personal care, including compassionate aid with activities of daily life like showering, dressing and using the restroom. Accepting they need help with these activities can be hard, and this often leaves seniors feeling a little vulnerable. A quality residential assisted living community will truly put their mind at ease, allowing them to feel empowered, safe and valued.

Allows seniors to retain their valued independence.

One of the most common fears seniors have when considering moving to an assisted living facility is loss of independence and personal autonomy. After all, we spend our lives working for our independence, so the thought of losing that can be frightening. Residential assisted living is an excellent option, offering a great balance of independent living and personalized care tailored to suit your loved one’s needs. Many residential assisted living communities provide complimentary transportation, so your relative can continue getting out and about to appointments, recreational activities, and outings or to meet friends and family with ease. This could mean they actually feel even more independent than they did when living in their own home!

Excellent safety provisions.

If your loved one is currently living in their own house, you might find yourself worrying about their safety, particularly if their residence is not well-adapted for their mobility needs. As their family member or primary caregiver, you may wish you could be by their side 24/7 to ensure they’re safe and well at all times. Unfortunately, with other commitments like children and work calling, this is unlikely to be possible. With your loved one residing in a residential assisted living home, you can sleep easy knowing they are happy, healthy, and safe. Most residential assisted living communities like New Hope have staff on-site 24 hours a day to handle emergencies, and all living spaces are well-adapted for the safety of seniors with reduced mobility. In fact, our elevator reduces the risk of falling and provides the independence our residents want and the peace of mind our family members need.

Housekeeping and food preparation taken care of.

Similar to personal care tasks like bathing and dressing, cooking and cleaning can also become trickier as we age. Ensuring aging adults receive the correct nutrition is paramount, and most residential assisted living communities provide delicious, home cooked meals daily. At New Hope, every meal is prepared by a dedicated personal Chef with fresh farm to table ingredients. If your loved one still enjoys cooking, that’s no problem either! Residential assisted living is about creating a home and residents can aid in the preparation of dishes on occasion as well. Equally, living in a clean and clutter-free environment is critical to retaining mental and physical health while reducing the risk of accidents and falls. With housekeeping available as standard at New Hope, your loved one can live the life they love, free from any concerns about household chores and maintenance.

A range of enriching activities available.

Getting out and about isn’t always easy for aging adults and starting up new hobbies can feel even more overwhelming. Most residential assisted living facilities in TN offer an array of organized activities, groups, and classes on-site for your loved one to participate in. Whether they’re interested in joining an exercise class or something more subdued like a knitting or art group, there’s guaranteed to be an activity they’d want to participate in! Not only do these groups and classes allow seniors to stay active and mentally engaged, but they also encourage the formation of new friendships and a tight-knit community spirit.

A close-knit, family-focused community.

Speaking of tight-knit communities, as a residential assisted living home, we’re here to welcome the whole family with open arms. When your loved one joins our community, so do you! You know your parent or relative better than anyone, which is why the best residential assisted living communities strive to keep families involved in their loved one’s care wherever possible.

Great amenities and services available on-site.

A key benefit of residential assisted living that other care options cannot always provide is the inclusion of handy amenities on-site. For example, many assisted living facilities feature hair and beauty salons or a library like New Hope. Getting out and about to appointments can be a challenge for seniors, so having these amenities available on site can feel like a weight lifted.

Residential assisted living boasts an ideal balance of independence, safety, and expert care, and is the perfect option for seniors who are ready to discover a newfound lease on life! If you or a loved one needs the supportive services assisted living provides, but in a well-appointed residential living environment, contact New Hope today!

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