Having a family member, particularly a parent or grandparent, who is not able to live safely and independently alone can feel overwhelming. You may feel like you aren’t sure what to do or what is best for your loved one. There is often a feeling of uncertainty, helplessness or even duty to take in your loved one and take care of them. The unfortunate reality is that most of us cannot quit our jobs and provide the supportive daily care that our loved ones truly need. Quickly, we start to look for alternatives to help them. Assisted living in Hendersonville provides the care that your loved one needs in an environment that is best for them.

Not completely convinced about the idea of assisted living? That’s ok. Because we’re here to help! Here are a few reasons why we think assisted living is the best place for your loved one who needs support.

They Get Help with Activities of Daily Living

The basic activities of daily living (ADL activities) are the most basic things that someone needs to do to stay healthy and safe: bathing, dressing, cleaning, eating, taking medication, getting around, and communicating. Often, when someone is aging, these daily living activities become harder to do given physical limitations. They may be able walk without an assistive device or support, but they can’t remember which medicine to take and when or keep up with home maintenance. Alternatively, they may have trouble with moving around, but they can get dressed just fine.

An assisted living community helps with the activities of daily living that loved ones may struggle with and allows them to continue doing the things they can do – it is a great balance that keeps them autonomous in the ways that they can be, but safe in the activities that they cannot do.

Helps with The Cost of Senior Living in Hendersonville

Often, people think of assisted living facilities as being too far out of reach in terms of costs. However, they are far more affordable than many people think. Trying to manage your work and taking care of a loved one is often difficult to balance and hiring a full-time caregiver can be cost prohibitive.

An assisted living facility helps to provide food, shelter, recreation, and companionship to your loved one for the cost of living at an inclusive price.

Assisted Living Houses Help the Family Feel “Normal”

Of course, you want to focus on your loved one who is aging, but what about the rest of your family as well? Especially grandchildren and great-grandchildren want to keep those good memories of their loved ones. Spending a loved one’s golden years by taking care of them, toileting, bathing, or even feeding them can be extremely detrimental to your mental health, and difficult to process emotionally.

Assisted Living Facilities Are Safer

There are a lot of variables when it comes to taking care of someone who is aging and requires support in many areas of daily living to include transportation to medical appointments. Things that you don’t really think about daily can be harder or difficult to manage as you age, and care teams at assisted living facilities have the training, insights, experience, and tools to ensure that residents can enjoy their retirement years in health and safety.

It can be difficult to witness a downward progression in abilities for an aging loved one, but the nurses and trained caregivers at a residential care community will be able to track your loved one’s progress and provide the care that is not only best for them but meets their needs. You will always be kept in the loop about what is going on, so there aren’t any surprises when you visit. You can have the peace of mind you deserve knowing your loved one is well taken care of.

Residential Care Homes Are Just That: Homes

It is hard to understand all of the senior living care options available. Assisted living communities provide the supportive services with activities of daily living your loved one needs in a safe environment. However, a residential care home provides that and more! A residential care home provides the familiarity, warmth, and comfort that your loved one has become accustomed to in their own home, but with trained caregivers who can also meet their care needs. We like to call this transition, a move from home to home.

Furthermore, in a residential care home, your loved will never feel lonely or forgotten as they provide great caregiver to resident ratios 24/7. Our team at New Hope knows how to ensure that everyone resident is included in community events, games, parties, outings, and more! We are truly a family, and your loved one will be cared for as such.

Need Help Finding A Compassionate, High Quality Assisted Living Community?

If you are looking to find an assisted living community that provides support with ADLs for your loved one, it can be a challenge to find something that you know will feel like “home.” New Hope provides a great residential home for your loved one with caregivers who work around the clock to ensure the safety and happiness for our residents. We provide our residents with stable caregiver relationships, a plethora of stimulating activities, nutritious, delicious, and freshly prepared home cooked meals, and professionally trained caregivers to ensure residents are happy and in good health. At New Hope, we care about our family and the ones who mean the most to you!

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