Slow mornings scattered with scintillating conversation, countryside walks, and fresh air. 

Active afternoons packed with trips, activities, and self-care. 

Evenings gathered around the dinner table with friends enjoying delicious, fresh food. 

Settled nights absorbing a book or TV series as the day concludes.

Whatever that dream retirement lifestyle looks like for your parent or senior loved one, opting for a small, assisted living community could be the first step towards making it their reality. While every senior living setting has unique benefits, choosing a small and close-knit community can provide a more personalized, ‘home-like’ experience.

Benefits of Choosing a Small Assisted Living Community

Get to Know Other Residents and Build Lasting Friendships

People reluctant to move to senior care are sometimes more open to moving to a community with fewer residents. With limited numbers, introverted or anxious seniors may find it easier to form close friendships. Housing a maximum of 13 residents in a setting that encourages organic social connection, New Hope Senior Living is ideal for those who prefer a quiet lifestyle shared with a small group of close friends. We aim to nurture social connections and help residents form strong friendships by hosting daily activities, including yoga, pet therapy, bake-offs, and board games.

Personalized One-to-One Care from Familiar, Trusted Caregivers

Small senior care communities naturally require fewer staff members and often have higher staff-to-resident ratios. Accepting support with activities of daily living (ADLs), especially personal care tasks like bathing, using the toilet, and dressing, can be stressful for seniors. Being able to build trusting relationships with familiar caregivers who prioritize residents’ dignity and wishes can go a long way in helping a senior overcome those initial anxieties. 

This personalized level of care can promote independence; when caregivers have fewer seniors to assist, they can get to know each resident better and offer the right level of support. In turn, seniors can complete tasks in a way that empowers them to feel autonomous, confident, and heard. New Hope Senior Living’s dedicated caregivers provide 24-hour care, and with an exceptional staff-to-resident ratio, we can offer each resident the one-to-one tailored support they truly deserve.

Strong Sense of Community for Seniors and Family Caregivers

Small senior living communities are often passionate about creating a robust support network for residents and their families. Many host regular social events and activities that family caregivers can attend with their relatives. With a smaller circle of residents and loved ones, family caregivers get to know one another personally and connect with staff members. This can provide families with great peace of mind while also helping them find support from others who genuinely understand the issues they might be facing. 

New Hope’s residents, staff members, and family caregivers uplift one another to create a supportive environment we’re proud of. This support system extends beyond the seniors in our care and out to their closest loved ones, who are often also impacted by the transition to senior care. To nurture this sense of community, we host various events and activities open to residents and family caregivers.

Feels More Like Home

Smaller residential assisted living communities tend to have less of a clinical ‘facility’ feeling. With fewer seniors to accommodate, communities are designed like a real home. Residents typically have a private or semi-private bedroom and bathroom, plus access to communal living and dining areas. Those in small, assisted living communities can feel like they’re simply living with a group of close friends rather than in a senior care facility. 

New Hope Senior Living has the layout of a residential home, complete with an inviting living room, cozy library, and a beautiful outdoor deck, plus 13 ADA-compliant private bedrooms with suites. In the communal kitchen, residents enjoy freshly prepared and seasonally inspired farm-to-table meals featuring produce homegrown by residents with a flair for gardening.

Safety and Security

Factors like higher staff-to-resident ratios mean small, assisted living communities are typically safe and secure. In fact, a recent Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study comparing small and large senior care communities found that fall rates in senior living increased with the number of beds. And with a smaller community of residents and visitors, small residential assisted living homes may also have a naturally reduced risk of uncontrollable infection outbreaks. 

At New Hope Senior Living, the health and safety of our residents is always a top priority. Staff members are trained in first aid and CPR. Using CarePredict, we can effectively reduce falls, respond swiftly to resident calls, and monitor changes in behavior to predict and prevent serious health issues. From a practical perspective, small, assisted living homes are typically easier to navigate for seniors with poor mobility or visual or cognitive impairment. Featuring zero transition flooring, elevators, and a fully wheelchair-accessible and ADA-compliant design, New Hope is carefully designed for the safety of our residents.

Considering these benefits, small senior living communities can be particularly well suited for:

  • Seniors who like their own space.
  • Seniors with multiple chronic health conditions who require more one-on-one support.
  • Seniors with Alzheimer’s or another neurocognitive condition.
  • Seniors are apprehensive about moving out of their homes into assisted living.

The true sense of community in a small, assisted living home like New Hope can only be fully appreciated by seeing it yourself. Call us today, and we’ll happily answer any questions or arrange a guided tour for you and your senior relative.

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