It’s the holidays, and you’ve just finished a hearty dinner with your dearest friends and relatives. You decide to take a brisk stroll around your beautiful backyard – 18 acres of cascading land overlooking the countryside. Later, you will enjoy an evening of celebrations before retreating to the warm cherry wood library to relax with a good book and a cup of hot cocoa, unwinding to the sound of rural Hendersonville’s diverse wildlife.

Choose New Hope Senior Living, and this could be your reality.

Why Choose Residential Senior Living During the Holidays?

Moving to residential assisted living needn’t mean sacrificing the precious family festivities we all know and cherish. The holidays are a much-loved season in senior care; one in which residents, staff, and family caregivers unite in celebration.

During the holiday season, some seniors residing independently may hesitate to leave their familiar surroundings due to concerns about accessing necessary support. While these worries can diminish the enjoyment of the holidays, it’s an opportune moment for seniors and family caregivers to explore respite stays or schedule tours at senior living communities.

Senior care communities can offer a supportive and festive environment for a memorable holiday experience. Choosing to spend the holidays in a senior living community offers the advantages of continuous support and a worry-free celebration, and residents can fully enjoy the festivities while also welcoming family visits. 

The Holidays at New Hope Senior Living

The holidays are a truly special time during which the spirit of community and home becomes more apparent than ever. Supported by enhanced safety, attentive care, and hassle-free living, seniors in residential assisted living are empowered to enjoy festive fun and activities to the fullest. The holidays are one of our favorite times at New Hope Senior Living. Packed with community spirit and cheer, residents and family caregivers feel supported by a strong sense of togetherness.

Seasonal Menu

Our in-house chef prepares delicious, seasonally inspired dishes all year round using only the freshest and healthiest ingredients. During the holiday season, residents enjoy comforting winter dishes that truly warm the soul, including firm Thanksgiving favorites like succulent turkey, creamy mashed potatoes, and roasted seasonal root vegetables.

Festive Activities

We offer a range of cozy indoor activities perfect for the holidays. Residents can join our popular book club, enjoy card games or movie nights, wine and dine on popular seasonal dishes with friends, or whip up their best pumpkin pie recipe in one of our bake-offs. 

Social Events

Thanksgiving and the holiday season are all about family, friends, and the greater community of Hendersonville. These values align perfectly with New Hope’s; ultimately, we begin as friends and become like family. Throughout the holidays, we host various social events and activities for residents, staff members, and family caregivers to enjoy together.  

Is Residential Assisted Living the Right Senior Care Choice?

While the holiday season is packed with family fun, joy, and festivity, it’s also the time when many families notice that a senior loved one needs extra support. For instance, seniors may become reluctant to leave their homes if there is ice or snow, and mobility issues may be more noticeable as they navigate family events.

Residential Assisted Living vs Independent Living

Finding the right home is crucial to enjoying the most fulfilling retirement possible. Independent living and residential assisted living are popular among retirees, offering convenient on-site amenities, social events, and activities. The key differences between independent and residential assisted living are living arrangements and the level of personal care provided. 

Independent living is a good choice for seniors who do not need any support with activities of daily living (ADLs) like bathing, toileting, moving around or getting dressed. However, if additional help is needed, residential assisted living is well suited for seniors who need ADL support. 

Important Benefits of Residential Assisted Living at New Hope

Safety, Security, and Attentive Care

Residential assisted living communities are keenly focused on preserving the safety of its senior residents. Alongside standard safety measures like ADA-compliant room designs and elevator access, New Hope Senior Living utilizes modern technology to improve safety for residents further. We’re proud to use CarePredict, which has been shown to increase staff response rates by 37% and reduce falls by 69%. And with an exceptional 1:4 staff-to-resident ratio during the day, New Hope Senior Living residents can receive all the one-to-one care they need and attention they deserve.

Social Life and Daily Activities

Socialization is crucial in the maintenance of mental and physical health for seniors, with loneliness and isolation being linked to issues including depression, anxiety, dementia, heart disease, and stroke. During the holidays, it is important to provide opportunities for senior loved ones to enjoy an excellent daily social life, whether simply engaging with fellow residents around the dinner table or participating in organized activities. At New Hope Senior Living, our social activities include everything from relaxing yoga and pet therapy to competitive board games and off-site activities. And residents who prefer quiet time, love our beautiful cherry wood library complete with cozy reading nooks.

Support for Family Caregivers

Family caregivers deserve support, too, and the best senior care communities recognize this. Many family caregivers face emotional or physical stress, worries about time management, and financial concerns when caring for an aging senior. Moving a loved one to a supportive senior care community like New Hope allows family caregivers to feel genuinely supported through what can be an emotionally challenging journey. Our staff of highly trained and naturally compassionate individuals offer unwavering support and can always be relied upon for practical advice or a much-needed listening ear. For families concerned about the finances of senior care, we offer simple ‘all-in’ fees and month-to-month rental terms.

Arrange a Holiday Visit

Spend a day with us and experience an authentic feel for daily life at New Hope Senior Living in the lead-up to the holidays. To arrange your visit, give us a call today and speak to our friendly team.