Whether you’re currently living at home or in an assisted living community, the start of summer brings forth a range of new activities and hobbies to try your hand at. In this blog post, we will discuss the overall benefits of engaging in hobbies during retirement, followed by some summer activity inspiration to add to your 2023 to-do list.

Enjoying hobbies and social activities is a great idea at any stage in life but can be particularly beneficial for retired seniors. As a residential assisted living community, we see these benefits in action each day and encourage residents to pursue their passions while spending quality time with friends and loved ones.

Benefits Of Engaging in Hobbies as A Senior Include:

  • Improving your mental health, confidence, and self-esteem.
  • Teaching others useful skills or even earning extra income from your talents.
  • Keeping you engaged and focused after retiring from work.
  • Helping reduce feelings of loneliness and isolation.
  • Preventing or slowing the progression of illnesses like heart disease, diabetes, and arthritis.
  • Keeping your brain and memory sharp with cognitive activities. 

7 Fun Activities to Try This Summer

    1. Take Up Gardening. Gardening is a popular summer activity among seniors, and it’s also worthwhile. Not only does tending a garden promote light physical activity to support mobility and flexibility, but it can also reduce stress, encourage relaxation, and provide cognitive and social stimulation. As the weather warms up, nurturing a garden in a safe way that matches your abilities can be great for physical, mental, and cognitive health. 
    2. Explore Summer Recipes. Cooking and baking are popular hobbies seniors participate in, particularly if they enjoy cooking meals for a partner or children. Summer presents the perfect opportunity to create fresh and energizing salads, sandwiches, and light dishes – perhaps even using homegrown produce. Why not go further and make the most of the sunshine with al fresco dining?
    3. Read A Book Outdoors. Whether you’re a fantasy, horror, romance, sci-fi, or non-fiction lover, the benefits of reading are vast. Reading can enhance your memory, keep the mind sharp and promote relaxation. It may even help delay the onset of diseases like dementia. This summer, why not enjoy your favorite books outdoors or by the window with a refreshing cool drink by your side?
    4. Arts And Crafts. Arts and crafts are some of the most popular hobbies, and it’s easy to see why. Creative pursuits can be incredibly soothing – promoting relaxation and even nurturing spirituality. Artistic activities often also help us find a sense of identity and purpose. So, if you’re feeling a little lost after retiring, taking up a creative hobby might be just what you need.
    5. Grab An Ice Cream. Organize a trip to your local park or ice cream parlor and grab a tasty treat with friends or family members (the grandchildren will love this one!) If you live in a residential assisted living community like New Hope, enjoy a cool snack on the patio while socializing or playing card games with friends.
    6. Go For a Stroll. If you’re physically able, going outdoors for a walk in nature has many valuable benefits. Sunlight is an excellent source of vitamin D, an essential vitamin for seniors that may help slow cognitive decline while reducing the risk of common conditions like osteoporosis, hypertension, and cardiovascular disease. Early morning and evening walks can be a wonderfully peaceful activity if it’s too hot during the daytime. If you cannot take a walk due to health or mobility concerns, you might substitute this for less strenuous outdoor activities like birdwatching or picnicking.
    7. Take Up Outdoor Exercises. If walking isn’t a pastime you enjoy, you might enjoy participating in another active outdoor activity. Look for low-impact outdoor exercise classes aimed at seniors in your area. Popular options include chair tai chi, yoga, and swimming. If you’re considering moving to an assisted living community, ask what active classes they typically host during summer.

Staying Safe in The Sunshine

If you’re heading outdoors this summer, remember to stay safe. Always apply a good broad-spectrum sunscreen, reapply it regularly, and stay out of direct sunlight between 10 am and 4 pm. Wear protective sunglasses and clothing where possible (think long-sleeved shirts, pants, and a wide-brimmed hat). If you have any concerns or a medical condition that may make you more sensitive to sunlight, speak to your physician for tailored advice on how to enjoy the summer months safely.

Summer At New Hope Assisted Living

It’s common for aging adults to face barriers when enjoying their favorite hobbies and activities. For example, the things you once loved may no longer be as accessible due to mobility issues, injury, illness, or lack of adequate transportation. In our caring residential assisted living community, trained caregivers will strive to help you enjoy all the engaging pursuits you desire.

At New Hope Senior Living, we love the summer months and the great outdoors! Our community is nestled within 18 acres of beautiful, green private land. Our residents can read, socialize, or spend time in comfortable relaxation spots surrounded by nature and beautiful scenery. Our serene private garden encourages residents to tend to herbs, fruits, and vegetables, which can be used in our fresh farm-to-table meals.

To tour our genuinely one-of-a-kind grounds and discover the full range of summer activities we offer, call us today to organize a tour.

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